What are Solar Policy Benefits in Uttar Pradesh for Open Access Solar Solution? Everything you need to know

Solar Policy Benefits in Uttar Pradesh for Open Access Solar Solution

Open Access Solar Solution is a business model where a large industrial or commercial power consumer can purchase power from an open access supplier and use it for their own consumption. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has announced the solar policy for the open-access solar model which seems to be attractive and beneficial. This solution gives high electricity cost savings to these consumers to the tune of 35-40%. Here are the top 4 solar benefits that Uttar Pradesh Government is providing to Industrial customers.

Transmission and wheeling charges are waived off

Transmission and wheeling charges are generally paid by an Industrial customer for open access solar solution. A great policy benefit is that Uttar Pradesh government is providing 50% waiver on Transmission and wheeling expenses which forms part of the overall cost to provide industrial customers significant decrease in landed costs as compared with other states where such incentives do not exist or have been minimalized significantly.

Banking facility for Industrial Consumer

Sometimes you as an Industrial consumer faces the shutdown of the facility or plant due to any reason while the Open access solar continuously generates power but that is useless as that power cannot be stored so the Govt. announced a banking facility to store that power in banks which are actually power Grids so that Industrial customer can use this later when the plant is operational.

In a world where power is usually an issue, the government has come up with this splendid way to keep Industrial consumers running with great solar friendly policy.

Enlarged spam of banking facility up to two quarters

The Uttar Pradesh Govt. is providing this favorable banking facility for solar solutions for the next two quarters or up to six months. Being an Industrial Consumer if you store the power in the banking facility for this quarter then this solar-friendly policy allows you to get the benefit in the next 2 quarters. None of the states in INDIA provides this type of six-months long banking facility usage except the Uttar Pradesh Govt. making the Open Access model more beneficial.

A waiver on electricity duty for the next ten years

The Uttar Pradesh Govt. is also providing a benefit of Electricity duty waiver to the Industrial customer. As an industrial customer you pay almost 7.5% duty on the electricity bills but if you adopt Open access solar solution it means that you can save 7.5% on your power bill every year for the next 10 years. This is actually the biggest benefit that every Industrial consumer is looking for. Perhaps Uttar Pradesh Govt. is the first state in India to provide this type of waiver on Electricity duty.

The above top 4 benefits of the policy that Uttar Pradesh Govt. is providing for Open Access solar is making it a more attractive and cost-effective solution with tremendous benefits of lower landed costs and banking facility usage for an industrial consumer to withdraw the power anytime.

Industrial and commercial consumers contact us at [email protected] for more details about these benefits and the potential savings in your next solar power purchase.

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