Would you be amazed if we tell you that you can cut down your electricity bills with your vacant roof?

If you have a vacant roof or an unused ground/parking area at your property and want to do your bit for the environment and above all, reduce your electricity bills, then rooftop solar solution is the apt answer to your desire.

We offer you customized solar solutions as per your needs to help you achieve your business as well as energy goals.

  • No Investment
  • Customized Solution
  • Assured Savings
  • End-to-end solution
  • Complete Maintenance
  • Zero Risk


Don’t have area for on-site installation?

If you don’t have enough area for onsite solar installation, then you can wheel electricity from large scale solar parks at a remote facility away from your site.

This is the ideal solution when the industries are space restricted and have huge energy requirements. We assess the feasibility of each option available and provide recommendations on which solar energy option will best achieve your desired results.

  • No upfront capital expense
  • Best for huge energy loads
  • Assured Savings
  • End-to-end Solution
  • Zero Risk


Want an energy efficient living at your own home?

Being under the greatest threat of climate change, more and more homeowners are now moving towards doing their bit for clean environment. Solar power is the ruler of all sustainable energy sources among residential owners.

A rooftop solar system will give you potential savings on your electricity bills and turn your roofs/lawns into beautiful spaces.

  • Potential Savings
  • Energy Independence
  • Easy Financing Options
  • Beautiful Roof Space Design
  • Long Term Power Generation