We are India’s leading Marketplace for all the Solar, Wind and other Renewable Energy Solutions. We help Industrial & Commercial customers to buy the Right Solar & Wind Solution from the Right Developer at the Right Terms, based on our PEACE principle 

P – Promise to bring new sustainable solutions 

E – Easy Negotiations, Easy Closures 

A – Access to all Marquee Developers 

C – Customized Solar & Wind Solution as per your Need 

E – Experience which is World Class

The kind of customers who love our work are the ones who are committed to switch to green energy, keen to save significant electricity costs and want a trusted Renewable Advisor by their side to handhold them in this journey of going green.  

For us our PEACE principle is not just a catchy phrase but a 5-point promise to our customers which we have proudly demonstrated to our 11 customers that we have served so far with 55 MW of Rooftop and Open Access Solar Solutions across India. 

Our customers lovingly call us “Dealmakers of Renewable Industry.” 

Unlike our competitors, we are the long-term sustainable solution advisors and help our client in deciding the right solution with attractive terms from the credible developer who can deliver on time. 


Our mission is to align with our country’s mission to emerge as global leader in energy sector. We continuously strive to create awareness among people and elevate the use of solar power given it is the most affordable and reliable source of energy.


We aim to establish ourselves as one of the leading solar players in India. 

We want to extend our knowledge to every home and company and help them take a step towards a sustainable environment.

We want to create a workforce that is focused and driven and works with innovation to transform ideas into values in order to move towards sustainability.

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